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We understand that the installation quality of a project is the lasting impression left with clients for the lifespan of a building. To this end, we deploy sufficient management, supervision and properly vetted subcontractors to carry out to the works - ensuring our own standards are met or exceeded.

Our sites are audited internally and externally to encourage first-class workmanship, including on-going quality checks throughout the installation project.

All projects are subject to a post completion ‘lessons learnt’ review in order to carry forward our experiences into future projects. These are also reviewed weekly in our contract department meeting which encourages communication between all contract staff.

Our installation experience covers a vast array of sectors, contract types, programmes and clients and we believe that our experience is one of our strongest assets.

Small Works

Not everything we do at Harvey Group is a large, multi-million project. Our Small Works Department exists to help customers with fast paced and quick start projects, programmes with tight deadlines and smaller, specialist installations.