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Our team takes pride in the development of conceptual designs to save installation time, space, promote safety and ease the cost of use and maintenance for the end users.

At Harvey Group we have always prided ourselves on incorporating new technologies and advances in computer aided drawings. Presently we produce 3D models on all of our contracts and have invested time and resources into the latest CAD software “Autodesk Revit” to be able to produce Building Information Models (BIM). The M&E BIM modelling is completed in conjunction with Architectural and Structural Engineering models to plan out all of the M&E Services within each project. This leads to a holistic approach encompassing all disciplines and ensures a rapid, well planned installation.

We realise the benefit to the client and the services installation from the early production of coordinated drawings, not only for installation time on site, but also in managing the project costs. We see this as a natural progression and Harvey Group welcomed the opportunity to provide a Level 2 BIM model for the Wellcome Wolfson Centre for Queens University Belfast which is the largest level 2 BIM project completed to date in Northern Ireland.

BIM image for the Wellcome Wolfson Centre or "Click here to learn more"