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At Harvey Group we are passionate about team working.

Design and Build is all about team working and drawing out the best from every discipline to bring about the optimum life time solution to the building user.

We have the ethos: “None of us is as good as all of us” and we are totally committed to the sharing of innovative solutions and achieving exemplary communication across the entire design and construction teams.

Harvey Group does not employ in-house designers. We prefer to partner with M+E Consultants who have been selected for their experience in the particular project type.

Harvey Group takes on the leadership role of the M+E Team and is the single point of contact for the overall Project Manager.

Each project has a design plan, highlighting which tasks are best carried out by the designer or contractor and ensuring that we work to each other's key skills, thus making the team more effective and cost efficient.

We ensure that the M+E Plant and Systems are selected on the basis of the overall Life Cycle Costs and offer our advice to the client on when best to make an extra Capital Investment to enjoy a lower end Life Cycle Cost.

We are honoured that over half of our turnover in the past 3 years has been procured and executed on an overall design, construction and maintain basis.