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Terumo BCT (Redlands)

The expansion of Terumo BCT located at Larne Harbour saw the extension of existing facilities to provide new production spaces for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and medical device products which are used as sterile solutions in intravenous therapies, anti-coagulants which are used in blood technologies. blood component storage solutions and perfusion therapy solutions.

The works were completed within two phases (Phase 1 & phase 1.5). Phase 1 saw the installation of a new steam generation plantroom and included:

• Natural Gas Installations
• Mains Water Installation
• Steam installation & associated condensate pipework
• Supply & Installation of Hotwell tank, steam boilers & associated ventilation system
• Supply & Installation of blowdown vessel & associated cooling & ventilation system
• Water Treatment
• Automatic Controls
• Electrical works associated with mechanical services
• Compressed Air Installation
• Installation of cooling tower
• Removal of existing LPG boilers
• Domestic Water Installation

Phase 1.5 saw the installation of new Autoclaves and incorporated;

• Steam & condensate to serve Autoclaves
• Cooling water to serve Autoclaves
• Alterations to Air Conditioning system within existing factory
• Supply & Installation of new Air Conditioning system to operations area & meeting rooms.
• Alterations to existing Ventilation systems within factory
• Secondary Ventilation systems from the Air Conditioning serving operations Area & meeting rooms.
• Supply & Installation of ventilation to the manufacturing area
• Functional Testing, Commissioning, Qualification & Validations – DQ, IQ, OQ & PQ

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